JUNE 24, 2017

What is Done in A Day?

Done in a Day is a charity hike that raises funds to support subsidized counselling for the clients of Burnaby Counselling Group. By taking part you can help the 1 in 4 British Columbians who will face a form of mental illness in their lifetime.
Embark on this challenge to experience a life changing adventure, or to honour a friend or family member in need. Done in a Day hikers recognize this arduous struggle as a symbol of the uphill battle that those with mental illness face each day.
If you enjoy challenging yourself and have a passion for making a difference in the lives of those struggling with mental health, then join us to hike the 24km sections of the Baden Powell trail from Cleveland Dam to Deep Cove!

About the Hike

Starting at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, June 24th, 2017 we'll hike the 24 km stretch of the Baden Powell Trail, from Cleveland Dam to Deep Cove, in ONE day to raise funds for mental health. This is a grueling day -- it will take approximately 7-10 hours of hiking to complete the trail -- but the pride and satisfaction you'll feel at having accomplished this goal will make it all worthwhile. With this event our goal is to raise $25,000 for subsidized counselling. By participating and sharing this hike with your friends, you're also helping to spread awareness about mental health and wellness! Much like a hiking trail, the journey towards mental wellness is full of peaks and valleys. But by confronting this intense challenge in one day, we aim to empathize with those who are experiencing emotional trauma. Are you ready for this challenge? Join us!
Great group of friendly folks that like to hike, excellent organizational support and a worthy cause to support!

Lisanne McCreery, Hiker, 2013 & 2014

Logistics & Support

Start line and Checkpoints

Times are approximate and subject to the unpredictable pace of hikers and trail conditions. If you plan to join the hike at the checkpoint, we recommend you arrive up to an hour before your scheduled hike time in order to join the hiking group in progress.
  • Start Line - 10:00 am - Cleveland Dam Picnic Area at the mouth of Cleveland Dam
  • Checkpoint - 2:00 pm - Lynn Valley Greater Vancouver Water District, north end of Lillooet Road
  • Finish Line - 6:00 pm Deep Cove North end of Panorama Park, along Panorama Drive

Parking & Shuttle

  • Parking is limited at the start line, please consider carpooling or getting dropped off.
  • Post-hike shuttle service from Deep Cove to Cleveland Dam can be arranged upon request.

Support Vehicle & Support Squad

  • Our Support Squad will be at the checkpoint and finish line to provide snacks, water and cold towels for all hikers.
  • You are encouraged to carry a small pack for any items you will need on the trails. However, if there are any extra items you only need part way through or at the end (i.e. change of shoes), you can place those in the Support Vehicle at the start of the hike.

The Baden-Powell Trail

The Baden-Powell Trail, known as the “BP” for short, is a challenging and scenic 48-kilometre (30-mile) route that traverses the North Shore mountains from west to east, starting near Horseshoe Bay and ending in Deep Cove. The trail is both spectacular and serene, with sections ranging from ambling to strenuous in difficulty. The BP was named after Lord Baden-Powell, an Englishman who was the founder of the Boy Scouts. The North Shore trail bears his name because a group of local boy scout and girl guide troops created it to mark BC’s centennial in 1971. The trail can be divided into four segments of approximately 12 kms in length each. Time estimates are included:
  • Horseshoe Bay to Cypress Mountain (3 to 5 hours)
  • Cypress Mountain to Cleveland Dam (3 to 4 hours)
  • Cleveland Dam to Lynn Valley (3 to 4.5 hours)
  • Lynn Valley to Deep Cove (3 to 4.5 hours)
For our Done in a Day 2017 hike, we will be hiking only the sections from Cleveland Dam to Deep Cove
Maps | Download a .pdf copy of the Baden-Powell Trail maps here

Section Description

Cleveland Dam to Lynn Valley
This section begins by hiking up Nancy Greene Way from Cleveland Dam to the Grouse Grind trailhead. The trail goes through the gate for the Grind entrance but instead of turning left to do the Grind, the BP continues right, traversing Grouse Mountain in the eastern direction. A short uphill section of 30 mins in duration leads to level hiking ground through treed areas for the remainder of this section until the final hour, when a steep descent on staircases leads to the road to Lynn Valley Headwaters. Hikers walk south down this road to the intersection at Evelyn St. where a sharp left turn is made, crossing the bridge at Rice Lake Rd and Marion Street over the Lynn Valley River (the bridge north of the suspension bridge, not the suspension bridge itself). The trail meets the third checkpoint at the pavilion in the park at the end of Lillooet Rd.
Lynn Valley to Deep Cove
The section of BP goes south along the western side of the Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge park, then turns east, crosses Lillooet Rd, Hyannis Dr, and Mountain Seymour Rd, follows up the final ascent section of the trail known as the “Seymour Grind” and then crosses the last road at Indian River Drive before circling past Quarry Rock and down eventually on to Panorama Drive in Deep Cove, the end of the hike and a very long day! Theoretically it is relatively easy to navigate the trail by following the orange triangle signs with BP fleur-de-lis symbols. However, it is important to become as familiar with the trail beforehand for when trails become overgrown, as they do, signs can become hidden.

Photo Gallery

Photos of past hikes.

Hiker's Story

Kate's Story: A Personal Story of Overcoming Mountains and Mental Health.

 Power of Counselling

Sandy's Story: Healing is Possible When There is Support.

Power of Counselling

Client's Story: Experiencing Freedom from a Hurt-filled Past.

How Your Donations are Used

92% of funds raised from Done in a Day: Mountains for Mental Health are used to support the Subsidy Program at Burnaby Counselling Group.
The Subsidy Program is a fund specifically set-up to offset the cost of counselling sessions for those individuals, couples and families who cannot afford them. In the last 35 years, Burnaby Counselling Group has subsidized more than 100,000 counselling sessions.
It is the continuing goal of Burnaby Counselling Group to serve the growing needs in the coming year through our counselling work with clients. Your generous donations contribute directly to the:
  • clinical guidance and care for children who have experienced abuse
  • couples in relationship distress
  • individuals overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, or trauma
As a professional counselling organization, we do not discriminate on the basis of age, ethnicity, gender, national origin, (dis)ability, race, size, religion, sexual orientation or socioeconomic background.

Past Results

2016   25+ Dedicated Hikers   $16,000 Funds Raised

2015   20+ Dedicated Hikers   $  8,000 Funds Raised

2014   40+ Dedicated Hikers   $28,500 Funds Raised

2013    20+ Dedicated Hikers    $16,500 Funds Raised

2012    20+ Dedicated Hikers    $15,000 Funds Raised

2011      4+ Dedicated Hikers    $  2,500 Funds Raised

Getting Started on Fundraising

We invite all hikers to set a minimum fundraising goal of $500. This goal is much easier to accomplish than it sounds, and is a far smaller sum than other popular charity events typically ask their participants to raise.
To help you with this, a personal online donation page will be set-up for you by our staff. We use the online fundraising platform Chimp to collect donations made to Done in a Day. This makes it easy for you to send a link to your supporters so they can make a simple credit card donation, which is what most people prefer.
Your online page will include:
  • a place to upload a photo of yourself
  • an event description, including difficulty level of the hike
  • information about Burnaby Counselling Group and how donations will be used
  • a list of your donations along with encouraging messages from your donors!
Most hikers achieve their goal of $500 by sending out one email to their friends and family, or by making one social media post, or a combination of the two. The average donation amount is $25. That’s just 20 people making pledges of $25 each, and remember, some people will give you more!
If this is your first time fundraising there’s a tendency to feel awkward about asking people for money. But trust us, there’s no need to feel like a schmuck! Most donors are enthusiastic about making a small donation, they’re only waiting to be asked. And to your surprise, they’ll often include nice written sentiments along with their donations which get posted to your page for all to read. It’s amazing what friendly encouragement or good-natured smack talk people will write when they’re utterly impressed by the difficulty of your avowed physical undertaking!
Here is a sample email you can send to your friends, family and co-workers to raise donations. Customize it as you see fit:
Hi Everyone!
On Saturday, June 24, I’m hiking 24km of the Baden-Powell trail on the North Shore of Vancouver in ONE day! My goal is to raise $500 for Burnaby Counselling Group which provides subsidized professional counselling. This will be a grueling day of hiking -- I’ll spend around 8 hours walking almost the distance of a half-marathon. Would you consider making a donation toward my goal? (Include link to your Chimp page here.)
Thanks for your support!
FUNDRAISING INCENTIVE: Any hiker who raises $1,000 or more will get their registration fees fully refunded! These funds must be raised by Friday, June 30, 2016 at 5:00 pm to qualify for the refund.


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