Healing is Possible
March 24, 2016

Experience Freedom

We were married for less than five years when we realized that many of the seemingly ‘normal disagreements’ between us were rooted in some deeper issues around our childhood. For one of us, it was based on rejection by parents at a very young age and abuse from a family member. For the other, it was based on negative comments and condemnation from one parent that left one feeling perfection was the only way for acceptance. 

Our realization of the need to clear the present of the past came to a head in seeing our two daughters and not wanting to pass on our negative past onto them. It was also seeing the hurt we caused each other and although we considered our marriage to be ‘good’ most of the time, we wanted to honor each other and make our marriage the best we could. At another level, it was also about recognizing that as individuals, we wanted each of us to be free in order to live an abundant life.


On the recommendation of a friend, we attended marriage counseling at Burnaby Counselling Group. Our therapist helped us realize that what happened in the past doesn’t need to have a hold of us now. She helped us realize the freedom we truly have. We no longer need to react to situations now as though we are living them in the past. We appreciate the highly professional team at Burnaby Counselling Group and love the way they played an integral part of our journey as a married couple.


We would encourage all who are participating in this year’s hike that you are making a difference by helping others to experience freedom from their hurt-filled past.  The hurt may still be there, but the possibility of being freed from the clutches of that hurt is life-changing.  You are hiking to change lives.  Thank you.


Former client of Burnaby Counselling Group

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